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Out line Staub's 5 points of aggression between groups
1. Difficult social conditions 2. Scapegoating. 3. Negative Evaluation and Dehuminisation 4. Moral decline allows massacre 5. Passive Bystanders increase the violence
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Who studied testosterone in men?
Dabbs et al
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Why may Bandura's study lack mundane realism?
The children thought the adult-modelling was instructions
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Why is war adaptive?
The gain of women and resources
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Who found a correlation of aggression in MZ twins and what was it?
Miles and Carey. 064 correlation
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Out line one criticism of Dabbs et al's study
He did not distinguish between habitual crime and one-of 'acts of passion'.
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Who says Staubs 5 points of aggression has useful applications to immagrants?
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Who did Chanagon study and what did they find?
The shanamomo tribe. The more killings=more status=more women and children
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Who studied delinquent's amygdala size?
Wong et al
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Explain the role of seratonin with supporting research
Too little seratonin can cause aggression. Tryptophan raises levels in juvenile delinquents, and makes them more passive
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Why does the theory of deinviduation have cultural validity?
Tribes who had altared appearances maimed more
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Who came up with the social learning theory of aggression?
Bandura and Walters
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Who said stimulation of the amagydala during psycho-surgery causes grimacing?
Mark and Erwin
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Who said ultroxide is an accidental product of jealousy?
Daily and Buss
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Why is the social learning theory valid?
It explains learning aggression in the absence of direct reinforcement
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Who said that war is not adaptive in western cultures because it has high cost and little gain?
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Who claims the explanation of deinviduation is deterministic and why?
Gargen. People in the dark or 'deinviduated' all experienced intimacy and 80% felt sexually aroused. This shows it can also encourage 'pro social behaviour'
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What is on criticism of studying infidelity?
Ethical issues, because it is a sensitive subject. Women may not be able to leave because of domestic violence
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What did Buss say about infidelity?
'Direct guarding' and 'negative inducements' are mate retention tactics
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Who found that the 19th genaration of aggressive mice had larger testes and what did they have 52% of?
Lagerspertz. 52% of all mice showed biting behaviour compared to 6% of the control group. BUT all could be tamed.
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Who studied testosterone in mice?
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Who studied testosterone in men?


Dabbs et al

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Why may Bandura's study lack mundane realism?


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Why is war adaptive?


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Who found a correlation of aggression in MZ twins and what was it?


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