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Thantos- God of death/ Eros- God of love
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Demonstrate aggressive capacity- apes/ chimps/ humans
Apes see staring as aggressive/ chimps- Machiavellian politics/ humans use brains
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Type A personality
decifer at age 12- competitive, hostile, workaholic, aggressive, coronary heart disease
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Berman et al
Testosterone electric shock study
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Book et al
weak correlation between testosterone and aggression 0.14
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Archer et al
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Maes et al
Belgium archive data- correlation between temperature and suicide- most in autumn when warm and dark
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Kenrick and MacFarlane
Stopped in front of green light for 12 secs- hotter weather= more honks
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Medium security prison
Imagine aggressive incident- more perceived crowding- more likely to predict fight
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Dollard et al
Frustration- Aggression theory can be removed by goal completion or by being aggressive- lynching murders in Southern USA- white men in poverty and couldn't achieve goals
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Bobo dolls- 4/5 yr olds- most to least aggressive- watch adult/ watch adult on film/ watch adult dressed as animal/ control
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Van Schie and Wiegman
Netherlands 10-14yr olds- video games either cause aggression, let it out, or just seen as fantasy- depends on kid
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Correlation with aggression/ intelligence/ pro social behaviour
None/ .09/ -.12
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Female infidelity dangers males reputation/ restored through violence
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Subcultures of violence- gangs
Poor life prospects, practical financially and physically, impression management- sense of worth based on selves, feedback due to gang- no effect on self esteem
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25 societies, Chewong- no words for fighting, Infaluk- 12 months only one act of aggression, Amish Mennonites and Hutterites- never a recorded murder
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Kador/ Jains
Crime totally absent
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Coopertion and group success
Cherished until age 3 and then ignored- insecure? Hunting thingy
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Le Bon
Crowds- mindless/ violent/ irrational etc
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St Pauls Riots Bristol- only intentional targets on 2 roads, not mindless, social norms
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Positive/ patriotic, suffered psychiatric disorders, didn't kill prisoners, combat was escape from trench
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Brigadier General SLA Marshall- struggled to get men to kill enemy, only 20% aimed to kill/ Gettysburg- loads of guns full of bullets
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Modern warfare
Korea- 55%/ Vietnam- 95%
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Demonstrate aggressive capacity- apes/ chimps/ humans


Apes see staring as aggressive/ chimps- Machiavellian politics/ humans use brains

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Type A personality


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Berman et al


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Book et al


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