age inequality

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what does wesley key point out?
there are significant differences between the young old who fare reasonably well, and the oldest old.
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what age is the young old?
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what age is the oldest old?
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what disadvantage do the oldest old experience?
isolation, loneliness, ill health, poverty
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what did the european legislation passed in 2006 make illegal?
age discrimination
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what did a mori survey find?
1 in 5 workers questioned reported having been discriminated against on the grounds of age
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what did people nearly retirement report?
being sidelined and put out to pasture
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what did young people report?
being patronised and overlooked due to assumptions about their skills and experience
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what did middle aged women report?
discrimination based on the assumption that they are of childbearing age which may lead employers to assume that they will be taking maternity leave or prioritising child care
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what did arber and ginn argue?
older people make significant contributions to the economy via unpaid work. also provide loans, emotional support and help with practical issues such as offering housing when necessary
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what did featherstone and hepsworth argue?
individual life courses are now being deconstructed and individualised so that older people may retire very early or continue to work well into their old age
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economically who earn less and have less wealth stored than other sections of the population?
younger people
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who also may suffer from lower levels of income?
older people when they retire
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who are most vulnerable of living on a low income?
older people, single female pensioners, single parents, couples
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what did hockey and james suggest?
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what did berry suggest?
digital divide
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what did simpson suggest?
older say men could be overt with their sexuality when they were in 'the village'
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what did carrigan and szmigin argue?
advertising industry either ignores older people or stereotypes them as caricatures who are decrepit, withering, physically ugly or losing their mind
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what did stan cohen study?
folk devils and moral panics
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what did hall study?
scapegoating of youth-black muggers
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what did furedi suggest?
parents are now paranoid
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what did carr suggest?
internet is making us stupid
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what did ceislik and pollack study?
risk society
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what did fawbert study?
media moral panics-hoodies
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what did lees argue?
double standard for young women
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what did alexander study?
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what did the cccs study?
youth subcultures
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what did cicourel study?
police stereotypes
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what did jackson study?
lads and laddettes
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what did pearce and pitts study?
young women in gangs
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what age is the young old?



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what age is the oldest old?


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what disadvantage do the oldest old experience?


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what did the european legislation passed in 2006 make illegal?


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