Afghanistan facts

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population growth and fertility rate
2.6% and 6.8
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what stage of the DTM
stage 2
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evidence of high juvenility index
45% under 15 and only 2% over 65
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infant mortaility rate
one of highest in the world at 166 per 1,000 live births
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how many died since 1988?
estimated 3 million
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how many emigrated?
6 million to Pakistan and Iran
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what are most people?
subsistence farmers or nomadic herdsmen yet the country does have ecnomic potential if irrigation developed
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what % of females out of school?
89% of females over 14 out of school
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evidence of womens discrimination
women not allowed to see doctors as not allowed to be treated by men
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what % of households have access to safe drinking water?
25% households
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what % of water suply did Kabul lose due to water damage?
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water contamination in Kabul;
waste dumps located close to drinking wells where heav rains would wash waste into city rivers
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example of health risks due to pollution
damaged oil refineries and lead battery factories
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example of deforestation
coniferous foress in north-west kabul halved in 3 decades
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timber logged for export by talibans which causes soil erosion
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damage to ecosystems
wakhan corridor, food shortages drove yurt-dwelling herders to hunt the rare snow leopard
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who was king in the 1970s?
king zahir who wanted to develop the economy/womens rights/more liberal
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what happened in 1978?
afghan communist party came to power as they rejected Zahir's hopes
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when did the USSR invade?
1979 out of fear that they would lose power as religious leaders opposed the Afghan communists
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who resisted the USSR?
mujahedeen who were supported by the US
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when did the USSR withdraw?
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what happened?
there was a power vacuum and civil war ensued
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taliban took control and enforced radical islamic law
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who did they give support to?
bin laden who set up military training camps there and plottd 9/11
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when did US invade?
after 9/11 they raided and bombed, extended to most regions by 2010
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what stage of the DTM


stage 2

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evidence of high juvenility index


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infant mortaility rate


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