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Protagonist. A survivor of the seige of Troy. Defining characteristics are dutiful and pias and also has a respect for the will of the gods. Faersome warrior, leader, able to motivate his mean but also capable of great sorrow and compassion.
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Exile of Tyre and the Queen of Carthage. She and her city is strong, however her love for Aeneas proves to be her downfall. After Aeneas leaves, she creates a funeral pyre and stabs herself upon it with Aeneas's sword.
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Ruler of the Rutulians in Italy. Betrothed to Lavinia before Aeneas arrves. He is overcome with rage and begins a war. He is brash, fearless, capable, and values honour over his own life. Loved as a son-in-law by Amata. Aeneas's primary antogonist.
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Aeneas's young son by his first wife Creusa. Symbol of Aeneas's destiny; his future founding of the Roman race. He helps to defend the Trojan camp from Turnus’s attack while his father is away. Although still young, he is still brave and a leader.
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Aeneas’s father, and a symbol of Aeneas’s Trojan heritage. Although he dies in Sicily, he continues in spirit to help his son fulfill fate’s decrees, he guides Aeneas through the underworld, shows him what fate has in store for his descendants.
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Aeneas’s wife at Troy, and the mother of Ascanius. Creusa is lost and killed as her family attempts to flee the city, but tells Aeneas he will find a new wife at his new home.
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The Greek youth who pretends to have been left behind at the end of the Trojan War. Sinon persuades the Trojans to take in the wooden horse as an offering to Minerva, then lets out the warriors trapped inside the horse’s belly.
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The king of the Latins. Allows Aeneas into his kingdom, encourages him to marry Lavinia, causing resentment and eventually war among his subjects. He respects the gods and fate, but does not hold strict command over his people.
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Latinus’s daughter. The city which Aneas will find is named after her; Lavinum. She is important only as the object of the Trojan-Latin struggle. The question of who will marry Lavinia;Turnus or Aeneas. key to future relations of Latins and Trojans.
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Queen of Laurentum (a region of Latium, in Italy) and wife of Latinus. Amata opposes the marriage of Lavinia, her daughter, to Aeneas and remains loyal throughout to Turnus. Amata kills herself one it is clear that Aeneas is destined to win.
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King of Pallanteum (a region of Arcadia, in Italy) and father of Pallas. Evander is a sworn enemy of the Latins, and Aeneas befriends him and secures his assistance in the battles against Turnus.
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Son of Evander. He trusts Aeneas to care for Pallas. Pallas dies in battle at the hands of Turnus causing Aeneas great grief. To avenge Pallas’s death, Aeneas finally slays Turnus, dismissing an initial impulse to spare him.
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Turnus’s sister. Juno provokes Juturna into inducing a full-scale battle between the Latins and the Trojans by disguising herself as an officer and goading the Latins after a treaty has already been reached.
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Aeneas's second in command who accompanies him through Carthage. A Trojan and also a personal friend of Aeneas.
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Queen of the gods. Hates Trojans because Paris didn't chose her at the beauty contest. Carthage is her city and she knows that Aeneas’s Roman descendants are destined to destroy Carthage. She takes out her anger on Aeneas, primary divine antagonist.
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Mother of Aeneas and benefactor of the Trojans. She helps her son wherever she can. Although helps Juno with the marriage plan and makes her son feel like they dont have a proper relationship as she tricks him the first time we meet her.
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King of the gods. Jupiter’s will reigns supreme and becomes identified with the more impersonal force of fate therefore directs the general progress of Aeneas’s destiny, ensuring that Aeneas is never permanently thrown off his course toward Italy.
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God of the sea, and generally an ally of Venus and Aeneas. Neptune (Poseidon in Greek mythology) calms the storm that opens the epic and conducts Aeneas safely on the last leg of his voyage.
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The messenger god. The other gods often send Mercury on encourage Aeneas to move on.
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King of the winds, enlisted to aid Juno in creating bad weather for the Trojans in Book I.
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A son of Venus and the god of ****** desire. In Book I, Cupid disguises himself as Ascanius, Aeneas’s son, and causes Dido to fall in love with Aeneas.
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One of the most hated furies of all, even by her own father and sisters, who avenge sins, sent by Juno in Book 7 to incite the Latin people to war against the Trojans.
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God of fire and the forge, and husband of Venus. Venus seduces Vulcan to craft a superior set of arms for Aeneas, and the gift serves Aeneas well in his battle with Turnus.
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The river god associated with the Tiber River, where Rome will eventually be built. He appears to Aeneas in a dream and at Tiberinus’s suggestion, Aeneas travels upriver to make allies of the Pallentines.
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Exile of Tyre and the Queen of Carthage. She and her city is strong, however her love for Aeneas proves to be her downfall. After Aeneas leaves, she creates a funeral pyre and stabs herself upon it with Aeneas's sword.

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