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2. A white sow with 30 piglets surrounding it appears to Aeneas on the site of what will be Alaba Longa in the future. What does the 30 stand for?

  • 30 consuls between the first one and Octavian Augustus
  • 30 years between Lavinium and Alba Longa being founded.
  • 30 tribes of Rome

3. What is the culmination of history (at the centre of the shield) according to Virgil?

  • Mantua
  • Augustus' rule
  • Virgil's life
  • Julius Caesar

4. What is the name of the demi god worshipped by the Arcadians?

  • Achilles
  • Promotheus
  • Hercules
  • Hector

5. Evander takes Aeneas on a visit to where?

  • Pallentium
  • Rome, before it is built
  • The new Troy


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