Aeneid Book 12

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1. Juturna appears to the Latin armies disguised as which well respected soldier to persuade them it is unfiar for Turnus to face Aeneas alone.

  • Podalirius
  • Camers
  • Metiscus the charioteer
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2. What does Juno tell Juturna?

  • She must interfere in the fighting to save Turnus
  • Juno withdraws her help but says Juturna can help Turnus by delaying his death
  • Turnus will die unless they can persuade Jupiter otherwsie

3. Aeneas is wounded by an arrow in the thigh. What is the name of the doctor who is unable to heal him?

  • Iapyx
  • Aletes
  • Sosostratus
  • Dr. Phil

4. How does Amata die?

  • She throws herself into a funeral pyre
  • She hangs herself
  • She takes poison
  • She slits her wrists

5. Jupiter has to send a monster to tell Juturna to leave Aeneas alone. What is the name of the monster?

  • Dirae
  • Deva
  • Segontium


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