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2. Aeneas is wounded by an arrow in the thigh. What is the name of the doctor who is unable to heal him?

  • Dr. Phil
  • Aletes
  • Iapyx
  • Sosostratus

3. Why does Latinus tell Turnus to fights Aeneas at the start of Book 12?

  • He must fight, the Latins have no defense against the Trojans without him
  • He must fight Aeneas in single combat.
  • To defend Turnus' honour

4. Who does not want Turnus to fight Aeneas?

  • Juno
  • Amata
  • Jupiter
  • Lavinia

5. What does Juno tell Juturna?

  • Juno withdraws her help but says Juturna can help Turnus by delaying his death
  • Turnus will die unless they can persuade Jupiter otherwsie
  • She must interfere in the fighting to save Turnus


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