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1. which of these is a true disadvantage of mediation?

  • if the mediator isn't skilled it can become a bullying exercise for the weaker party
  • its very expensive
  • it always ends up finishing in court
  • both parties dont get their say
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2. what are the rest of the advantages?

  • a judge decides the case
  • confidential, voluntarily, quick, cost effective and accessible
  • the mediator decides for the parties
  • 100% success rates

3. what is negotiation?

  • resolving a dispute with a more active neutral third parties
  • resolving a dispute between themselves, with or without solicitors
  • an independant person decides for both parties
  • the parties resolve the dispute with the help of a neutral third party

4. what is the case for negotiation?

  • r v r
  • halsey and steel
  • Te Genero
  • dunnett v railtrack

5. what are one of the advantages are true in mediation?

  • decision don`t have to be legal, just based on common sense
  • the mediator decides the case settlement
  • mediators are always skilled professionals
  • always a guarantee of being settled


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