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1. what are one of the advantages are true in mediation?

  • decision don`t have to be legal, just based on common sense
  • mediators are always skilled professionals
  • always a guarantee of being settled
  • the mediator decides the case settlement
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2. what does a MIAM stand for ?

  • Meeting Informing & Assessing Procedures
  • Mediation Information & Assessment Management
  • Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting
  • Mediation Information & Assessment Dispute

3. which one is not a method of ADR?

  • arbitration
  • mediation
  • litigation
  • negotiation
  • conciliation

4. what is one of the main providers of mediators?

  • supreme court
  • the centre for dispute resolution
  • the mediators for dispute resolution
  • ACAS

5. to see if mediation is appropriate parties have to attend a MIAM. what are the disputes over in need to attend this?

  • over finances or children
  • over businesses
  • over an accident
  • over unemployment


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