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2. what are the rest pf the disadvantages of mediation?

  • no guarantee and amounts are lower than awarded in court
  • it is expensive and time consuming
  • it always ends up in court
  • parties can t maintain a relationship

3. explain the s.10 child and families act 2014

  • families and children in discussions and decisions relating to their care and education; and provide impartial advice, support and mediation services.
  • children and families must all attend to the dispute
  • families must have discussions not including their child/children
  • families must not discuss what happens in disputes with their child/children

4. what is the case for negotiation?

  • r v r
  • Te Genero
  • dunnett v railtrack
  • halsey and steel

5. to see if mediation is appropriate parties have to attend a MIAM. what are the disputes over in need to attend this?

  • over finances or children
  • over businesses
  • over an accident
  • over unemployment


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