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2. what are the rest of the advantages?

  • the mediator decides for the parties
  • a judge decides the case
  • confidential, voluntarily, quick, cost effective and accessible
  • 100% success rates

3. what is one of the main providers of mediators?

  • the centre for dispute resolution
  • supreme court
  • ACAS
  • the mediators for dispute resolution

4. name advantages of negotiation

  • solicitors cant get involved
  • private, quick, and informal
  • long, cheap, and offers exchanged straight away
  • cheap, open, and effective

5. name disadvantages of negotiation

  • can be costly (solicitors), may feel like you ve settled for less, and can waste time and money with offers
  • its ineffective and expensive
  • its not court
  • someone else decides the outcome


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