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2. Where are the cell's chromosomes found?

  • In its nucleus
  • In the cell membrane
  • In its cytoplasm
  • In its mitochondria

3. During meiosis:

  • The cell divides twice to produce 4 cells
  • The cell divides once, producing 2 cells
  • The cell divides 3 times, producing 6 cells
  • The cell divides four times, producing 8 cells

4. Mitosis produces Daughter cells with:

  • More cells produced than the parent cells
  • Twice as many cells are produced than the parent cells.
  • The same number of Chromosones as the parent cells
  • Fewer cells produced than the parent cells

5. Compared to a body cell, a gamete contains:

  • Two ad a half times the genetic information
  • The same amount of genetic information
  • Half the genetic information
  • Twice the genetic information


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