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2. how do we know that sodium and clorine are both elements?

  • As they are only made up of one type of atom
  • they are only one atom
  • they have a full outer shell of electrons

3. what is the mass of protons, nutrons and electrons?

  • protons 1 netrons 1 electrons trace
  • protons 2 netrons trace electrons 1
  • protons 1 netrons 0 electrons 1
  • protons trace netrons 1 electrons 1

4. what is a compound

  • a group of atoms
  • a substance where two or more atoms are chemicly combined
  • a mixture of elements

5. what do mitacondria do?

  • they produce dna
  • they kill bacteria
  • They produce engergy through respiration
  • they respirate


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