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What is an ion?
Ions are electrically charged particles formed when atoms lose or gain electrons.
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Ionic bonding occurs between...?
Metals and non metals
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Metal atoms...?
Lose electrons and become positive ions
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Non metal atoms...?
Gain electrons and become negative ions
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Can ionic compounds conduct electricity?
Only if molten or dissolved in water so the ions can carry the current
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How does lithium react with water?
Just floats on water and fizzes gently
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How does potassium react with water?
Bursts into flame, zooms across the water and spits
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How does caesium react with water?
Explodes on contact with water
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What are group 1 metals known as?
Alkali metals
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Why do ionic compounds have high melting and boiling points?
Because of the strong electrostatic forces between the ions, it takes a great deal of energy to seperate the negative and positive ions.
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Why don't solid ionic compounds conduct electricity?
The ions are held firmly in place and cannot move to carry the current.
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Ionic bonding occurs between...?


Metals and non metals

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Metal atoms...?


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Non metal atoms...?


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Can ionic compounds conduct electricity?


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