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2. What is found at the end of a cone cell?

  • The rest of the cell membrane
  • The synapse to connect to the nerve cells in the optic nerve
  • Many mitochondria fro energy to reform the visual pigment
  • The nucleus

3. Where are cone cells found?

  • Next to the xylem in a stem
  • everywhere, they're in the blood!
  • light sensitive layer of your eye (retina)
  • surrounding your major muscles

4. Which of these is not an adaptation of the palisade leaf cell?

  • Contain many stomata for transpiration
  • Thin shape so many can be packed next to each other
  • Many chloroplasts for photosynthesis
  • Tall shape so large surface area to absorb CO2

5. How do guard cells close at night?

  • The sense a lack of water so close
  • They're light sensitive so close when it's dark
  • The stomata shrivells ups
  • They lose energy at night so tighten


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