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1. How do sperm digest through the egg cell membrane?

  • Their heads are pointed
  • Th egg cell membrane dissolves in contact with the sperm
  • They carry enzymes
  • They come at a fast pace so the momentum breaks the egg
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2. Why do root hair cells have a large permanent vacuole?

  • Every cell does
  • So more energy is released
  • To speed up the process of osmosis from the soil to the cell
  • To store the cell from the plant

3. What is found at the end of a cone cell?

  • The nucleus
  • The synapse to connect to the nerve cells in the optic nerve
  • The rest of the cell membrane
  • Many mitochondria fro energy to reform the visual pigment

4. Why are red blood cells concave?

  • They all get pressed by the heart
  • Large surface area to absorb oxygen and to glide smoothly in the capillaries
  • So lots can fit next to each other
  • The have no nucleus so are smaller

5. Where is fat stored?

  • It's not stored, it's burnt off from exercise
  • Fat cells
  • Around our muscles for insulation
  • Butter


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