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2. Who studied into the actual theory of planned behaviour?

  • Griffiths, Lambos
  • Mayeux, Diblasion & Benda, Hogarth, Drummond
  • Azjen, Godin, Armitage, Klag
  • Francis, Eysnenck, Cloniger, Belin, Weintraub

3. Who found that after being exposed to movies 1 year on (11-15 year olds) they now smoked?

  • Sargent & Hanewinkel
  • Driesson
  • Sindelar
  • Buckholtz

4. Who found that addicted had other dependencies too?

  • Li
  • Nelson
  • Griffiths
  • Hornick

5. Who studied into the theory as a model for prevention?

  • Majer
  • Kassel, Brandon, Juliano &Brandon, Moolchan
  • Sulkunen, Waylen, Sargent & Hanewinkel, Boyd
  • Griffiths, Lambos


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