addiction and the Young study(2007)

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2. what are the 4 stages of the social learning theory

  • observation,imitate,role models,reinforcement
  • associate,think of the behaviour or substance,use the substance or do the behavoiur
  • positive reinforcement ,do the thing again
  • i have no clue

3. what is classical conditioning

  • where you observe someone doing something and you copy them
  • where a behaviour is learnt through associations with a place or a feeling
  • i have no clue
  • when you suffer a positive or negative consequence for a behavoiur

4. Lots of people use addicted substances or do addictive behaviours but dont become addicted.Why?

  • i have no clue
  • because some people ar mentally stronger then others so they wont need to become reliant on a substance or behavoiur
  • because of your genetic predisposition.This shows us weather your more prone to become an addict or not.
  • because were all different and unique

5. what was the aim of the Young study of 2007

  • to see if internet is an actually addiction
  • i have no clue
  • to see how effective cbt would be for internet addicts
  • to see if genes played a part in addiction


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