Adaptions for animals in transport

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1. What does the tunica media contain?

  • Collagen fibres and elastic fibres
  • Elastic fibres and valves
  • Elastic fibres and smooth muscle
  • Collagen fibres and valves
  • Smooth muscle and collagen fibres
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2. How thick is the endothelium lining?

  • One cell thick
  • 2 cells thick
  • Four cells thick
  • Half a cell thick

3. The innermost layer of a blood vessel is called the...

  • lumen
  • endothelium
  • tunica externa
  • tunica media

4. What do the elastic fibres in arteries allow?

  • Diffusion
  • Elastic fibres reduce friction
  • Stretching- to accomadate changes in blood flow and pressure
  • Structure

5. Why is the endothelium lining smooth?

  • To reduce friction and minimize the resistance of blood flow
  • So that the blood is kept at a low pressure
  • To increase the rate of blood flow
  • Just cause


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