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1. What do plants need to survive?

  • Territory (space), Food sources or Prey, Mates
  • Water, Light, Nutrients in the soil, Space
  • Mates, Water, Air, Sunlight
  • Nutrients in the soil, Mates, Insects
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2. Why do Cacti have spines instead of leaves?

  • Because plants lose water vapour from the surface of their leaves and Cacti need to reduce water loss
  • Because the spines store fat for the Cacti
  • Because they need to attract predators
  • Because the spines lose water vapour and maximise heat loss

3. Choose the correct statement

  • Desert animals have thin coats and layers of fat to maximise heat loss
  • Desert animals have thick coats and blubber to reduce heat loss
  • Desert animals have shallow but extensive roots to reach water underground
  • Desert animals have a small surface area compared to volume

4. What are the 3 affects of Environmental Change?

  • Population increases/ decreases and changes in the distribution of an organism
  • Changes in the distribution of an organism, mates, amount of food available
  • Population increases/ decreases and amounts of other species
  • Changes in number of predators, prey and food

5. Which non living indicator of environmental change can be used to detect changes in the temperature of sea surfaces?

  • Dissolved Oxygen Meters
  • Satellites
  • Rain Gauges
  • Mayfly Larvae


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