Adaptation for animals to survive

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1. How does a cactus avoide being eaten by an animal?

  • Deep roots to absorb water.
  • Has spikes to prevent water loss.
  • It has spikes which hurts the animal
  • Has thick fleshy stem to store water.
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2. In order for a plant to survive it needs: light,space,nutrients, water and ...

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Hydrogen
  • Soil
  • Water

3. Animal compete against each other for...

  • Territory
  • Adaptation
  • ecoysystem
  • habitat

4. Microorganisms has to compete with each other for...

  • Territory
  • Nutrients
  • Light
  • Mate

5. How does camourflage help an animal to survive?

  • Helps it to cool down
  • To make them look pretty.
  • Makes sure that the predetor or prey cannot see them.
  • help them to thermouegulate


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