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2. A star-nosed mole has adapted to have a reaction time of 230 milliseconds. Why?

  • Because it is incredibly sensitive to touch and smell yet very odd to look at.
  • Because it is almost totally blind and dependant on other senses such as touch.
  • Because it is adapted to take its prey by surprise and efficiency.
  • Because it has ultra sensitive tendrils that can try out 13 possible targets every second.

3. In which parts can a plant store its water?

  • Stems
  • Petals
  • Seeds
  • The ground they reside in

4. Why do plants often reduce the surface area of their leaves?

  • Because it looks cool.
  • To reduce heat loss.
  • To reduce water loss.
  • To fit in with the other plants around them.

5. What is the use of camouflage?

  • So the prey does not see the predator coming, and so the prey cannot be noticed by the predator.
  • Animals always enjoy a game of hide and seek.
  • The animal's skin is adapted to look beautiful amongst its surroundings.
  • So each of the animals have some experience in acting like a chameleon.


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