Adaptation for Survival

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1. Why would short roots help a plant to survive?

  • So that it doesn't need to use much energy to grow roots to reach water.
  • So that it can take nutrients from the surface of the soil.
  • So that animals who eat them are able to pull them out with ease.
  • So that it can be pulled out easily by gardeners.
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2. Which of the following is a special adaption for a carnivore?

  • Having a wide taste of food
  • Competing over food
  • Competing to avoid being prey
  • Becoming invisible

3. What makes a successful competitor amongst animals?

  • Having a good immune system so no diseases affect them.
  • Having adaptations to the environment they live in.
  • Having good genes so that they can survive easily.
  • Being popular amongst other animals so they know not to mess with them.

4. What are the special features called, that living organisms use to survive in their particular habitat?

  • Inheritance
  • Mutations
  • Adaptations
  • Instincts

5. Which is a non-living factor that affects the distribution of polar bears?

  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Sunlight
  • Rainfall
  • Strength of wind


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