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2. What was Eve made of?

  • Adams rib
  • Adams toe
  • mud
  • Adams blood
  • clay
  • Adams nail

3. what was God punishment for eating the fruit?

  • Adam and Eve lived forever with their children being sent to Earth
  • only the animal got in trouble
  • Adam and Eve had to live on Earth on will now one day die
  • Adam and Eve will now die with their children will be sent to Earth

4. What convinced Eve to take a fruit from the tree in the centre of the garden?

  • serpent
  • Adam
  • snake
  • lizard

5. What was the Garden called?

  • garden of Adam
  • Garden of James
  • Garden of love
  • Garden of Eve
  • Garden of equality
  • Garden of Eden
  • Home
  • Garden of God
  • Garden of truth
  • Garden of Happiness


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