Acids and Bases Key Definitions and Theory

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1. When HA molecules dissociate for weak acids, equal amounts of [H+(aq)] and [A-(aq)] form and the concentration of these

  • Is much less that for strong acids, therefore pH can only be calculated when the concentration of the acid is known and the Ka value
  • Low
  • Monobasic
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2. A weak acid is

  • An acid that partially dissociates in solution
  • An acid that completely dissociates in solution

3. Aqueous acids react with alkalis (KOH) forming

  • Salt and water
  • Salt carbon dioxide and water

4. A strong acid is

  • An acid that completely dissociates in solution
  • pH=-log[H+(aq)]

5. A low pH value means a large [H+(aq)], and a high pH means a

  • Small [H+(aq)]
  • 10 times


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