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2. What is a proton and how is it formed?

  • P+ ion - P atom loses an electron and so P becomes positive
  • H+ ion - formed when a hydrogen atom loses an e- and a proton is left
  • H atom

3. What is an acid?

  • a proton donor
  • a proton acceptor

4. What is a base?

  • A proton acceptor
  • A proton donor

5. HA + H20 -> H3O+ + A- what are the conjuate pairs, identify whether acid pair or base pair

  • H20 = acid producing A-; HA = base producing H30+
  • HA = acid producing H30+; H2O = base producing A-
  • HA = acid producing A-; H20 = base producing H3O+
  • H20= acid producing H30+; HA = base producing A-


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