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2. What is a strong Acid ?

  • only very slightly ionised in aqueous solution
  • Something that oxidises very strongly
  • totally ionised in aqueous solution forming Hydrated ions
  • ionised in aqueous solution forming hydroxide ions

3. Which of these is a strong Acid ?

  • H20
  • HCL
  • H2CO3

4. What does protonated mean ?

  • Losing H+ Ions
  • Transfer a proton to an atom so that a coordinate bond is formed
  • Becoming a cation
  • Gainig OH- ions

5. what does conjugated base mean ?

  • An acid and a base joined together
  • Two acid joined to form a base
  • has one less hydrogen and is one unit more negative (in terms of charge)
  • two bases joined together


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