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2. Who suggested that the term 'achievement' as it is used in the theory is too vague?

  • Bandura (1982)
  • Koivula (1995)
  • Nicholls et al (1984)
  • McClelland et al (1961)

3. Which is the correct equation?

  • Achievement motivation= intrinsic motivation- competitive anxiety
  • Intrinsic motivation- competitive anxiety= achievement motivation
  • Achievement motivation= competitive anxiety- intrinsic motivation
  • Competitive anxiety- intrinsic motivation= achievement motivation

4. The main problem of the McClelland model is that it cannot be used to what?

  • explain why athletes respond differently
  • Predict successful performance
  • Provide athletes with motivation

5. According to McClelland et al (1961) we can understand AM in terms of which 2 factors?

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Motivation to succeed and fear or failure
  • Motivation to succeed and intrinsic motivation
  • Competitive anxiety and fear of failure


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