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1. Name an incorrect Professional Body

  • The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care
  • MU making Health available to all
  • HCPC Health and Social Care professional Council
  • The Nursing and Midwifery Council
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2. Which one of these do you not need to take in to account when making a formal complaint

  • Factual Answer
  • if the person will be upset
  • Timescale
  • Confidentiality

3. Definition of whistle blowing

  • reports suspected wrong doing at work
  • Reports service providers are not providing a car park
  • Reports not being paid the correct money
  • Reports service users not providing medical history

4. What is the role of a Professional Body?

  • To set standards for the proffesional
  • To check the funding for the service provider
  • To set standards for the service user
  • To check people are doing a good job

5. Name the Case study for whistle blowing

  • Margaret Haywood
  • margaret Atwood
  • Margaret Goodyer
  • margaret Howell


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