Abortion Keywords

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Define: Abortion
The deliberate termination (ending) of a pregnancy, usually before the foetus is 24 weeks old
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Define: Women's Right's
Freedoms and liberties guaranteed to women in law
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Define: Embryo
An unborn human baby (especially in the first eight weeks), after implantation but before the development of organs
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Define: Foetus
An unborn baby after 8 weeks
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Define: Primitive Streak
The faint streak which is the earliest trace of the embryo in the fertilised ovum of a higher vertebrate, often regarded as day 14
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Define: Viability
In the context of abortion, the point at which the developing foetus/child becomes capable of living outside the womb. A viable ovum/embryo is one that has the potential to develop into an adult organism
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Define: Fertilised Ovum
A female reproductive cell which has been fertilised by a male reproductive cell (sperm)
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Define: Conciousness
A state of being awake, aware of, or sensitive to one's surroundings
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Define: Personhood
The ethical quality or human condition which denotes a morally significant or valuable individual being
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Define: Ectopic Pregnancy
A pregnancy in which the foetus develops outside of the uterus
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Define: Double Effect
A doctrine devised to deal with moral conflicts in natural law theory. It says roughly that provided your intention is to follow the rule you can ''benefit'' from any unintended consequences.
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Define: Liberty
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Define: Self-determination
The process by which a person controls and directs their life
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Define: Hippocratic Oath
An oath stating the duties and proper conduct of doctors
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Define: Life is sacred
Has a special, holy value, beyond material, exchangeable price.
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Define: Pastorally
Pastoral care is typically guidance, in the way of counselling, given by a religious figure
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Define: Ensoulment
The process in christian belief, by which a body is endowed with a soul
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Define: Excommunication
The act of banishing a member of a church from the communion of believers and the privileges of the church; cutting a person off from a religious society
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Define: Episcopal Church
The name given to the Anglican (Church of England) church in scotland and the USA/
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Define: Ayatollah
High-ranking religious leader among Shiite Muslims, especially in Iran
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Define: Mufti
A Muslim legal expert who is empowered to give rulings on religious matters
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Define: Dalai Lama
The spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism
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