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2. Why did feminists begin to challenge abortion legislation through courts of law?

  • They argued the population was already too large, so women should be allowed to abort babies they didn't want.
  • They argued it was wrong to force women to have a child they didn't want
  • They argued it was dangerous to the mental health of women to force them to have a child they didn't want.

3. In the Roe v Wade case, she won the right to have an abortion and the victory led to abortions becoming more readily available. True or False?

  • True
  • False

4. How long did the Roe v Wade case last?

  • From 1970 to 1973
  • From 1971 to 1974
  • From 1969 to 1972
  • From 1972 to 1975

5. In the Roe v Wade case, what was the client's real name?

  • Norma McCorvey
  • Jane Roe
  • Sara Wooldrich
  • Sarah Weddington


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