Abnormal Psychology (1)

What is Abnormal Psychology?
The study of abnormal patterns of behaviour, thoughts and emotions
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What is psychopathology?
a Focus on the disease process
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What is Clinical Psychology?
Applied Abnormal Psychology
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What is Psychiatry?
The medical discipline devoted to the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental disorders
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What are the four ways abnormal can be defined?
Deviance, Distress, Dysfunction, Danger
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What is the word for drilling a hole in someones skull?
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Which model of abnormal behaviour did the Greeks come up with? (Aristotle, Hippocrates)
The medical model - conceptualisation of psychological abnormalities as a biological disease with symptoms, causes and possible cures
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What four humours did the Greeks relate to mental health?
Black bile, Yellow bile, Blood and Fhlegm
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What are Eysenck's four temperaments?
Melancholic, Choleric, Phlegmatic, Sanguine
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What are Eyesenck's two personality factors?
Neuroticism and Extraversion
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Who was Johann Weyer (1515-1588) ?
The first physician to specialise in mental illness
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Which two people played an important role in 19th century reform and introduction of moral treatment?
Phillippe Pinel and Dorothea Dix
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What is the Somotogenic perspective? (early 20th C)
Physical causes to abnormal psychological functioning
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What is the Psychogenic Perspective?
Chief causes of abnormal functioning are psychological
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What is psychopathology?


a Focus on the disease process

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What is Clinical Psychology?


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What is Psychiatry?


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What are the four ways abnormal can be defined?


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