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2. Who found fewer serotonin receptors in the brains of recovered AN and BN?

  • Frank et al (2002)
  • Guisinger (2003)
  • Steinhausen (2002)

3. Who suggested high anxiety might reduce ability to cope with life stress, so eating disorders used to regain control and reduce pain of subjective experience?

  • Herzog et al (1992)
  • Tozzi et al (2002)
  • Polivy et al (2002)

4. Who defined anorexia as restricted eating, low weight, fear of weight gain and desire to be thin?

  • Eley
  • Shepphird (2009)
  • Polivy and Herman

5. Who said AN has a mortality rate of around 8%?

  • Frank et al (2002)
  • Polivy and Herman
  • Vander Wall (2010)


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