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2. Which of the following is a theory of mind task?

  • Strange Stories task (Happe 1994)
  • All of the above
  • Reading the mind in the eyes task (Baron Cohen et al 1997)
  • Sally Anne task (Baron Cohen et al 1985)

3. When is the onset of schizophrenia?

  • Adulthood
  • Late adolescence/ Early adulthood
  • Late childhood/ Early adolescence
  • Childhood

4. How persistent must symptoms be to have a diagnosis of specific phobia

  • at least a month
  • at least 6 months
  • at least 3 months
  • at least a year

5. What gene is thought to be responsible for 60% variance in psychopathy?

  • MAOA gene
  • Huntington gene
  • MCM6 gene
  • PGL2


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