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2. In phobic disorders are person has...

  • Experienced a traumatic event triggering the phobia
  • Become sensitized to a particular stimulus
  • Inability to identify the object of the phobia
  • Low arousal symptoms when the phobia related stimulus is encountered

3. Strange stories task provides evidence that children with ASD are...

  • unable to understand false belief
  • unable to understand non-verbal commutative behaviours
  • unable to understand interntions behind speech
  • unable to have a back and forth conversation

4. What is Axis II on DSM-IV-TR?

  • Personality disorders, Mental retardation
  • Current social problems
  • Major psychological disorder
  • Aeitology

5. Which of the following environmental factors affect psychopathy development?

  • All of the above
  • Poor prospects
  • Violent upbringing
  • Anonymity


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