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1. With respect to the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which of the following is FALSE?

  • Is the 'cranial-sacral' division of the autonomic nervous system
  • May terminate in axons that release Acetyl Choline
  • Has ganglia near to the spinal cord
  • Is termed the 'rest and digest' system
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2. With respect to reflexes which of the following statements are FALSE?

  • Reflexes are 'hard-wired'.
  • Reflexes are usually protective.
  • Reflexes terminate in skeletal muscle
  • Reflexes are constructed to have relatively few synapses.

3. Sympathetic stimulation results in;

  • decreased motility of the stomach
  • all of the above
  • relaxation of the bronchial muscle
  • increased heart rate

4. The eye contains two distinct sets of photoreceptors; the rods and the cones. Which of the following is an incorrect statement?

  • the highest density of rods is found in the peripheral retina
  • the terminals of the optic nerve fibres directly innervate the photoreceptors
  • the rod system is specialised to respond in low levels of illumination
  • an individual without cones is colour blind

5. Gustatory cells are stimulated by;

  • photons of light
  • substances in solution
  • movement of otoliths
  • stretch


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