A Ship Of State

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O navis, referent in mare te novi fluctus!
Oh Ship, new waves carry you back to the sea!
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O quis agis?
What do you do?
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Fortiter occupa portum!
Reach the harbour boldly
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Nonne vides ut nudum remigio latus,
Surely you see how your side is stripped of oars,
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et malus celeri saucius Africo,
and the mast is wounded by the gale from Africa
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antennaque gemant, ac sine funibus vix durare carinae possint imperiosius aequor?
and the sailyards groan, and the keel is scarcely able to endure the too masterful sea without ropes?
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non tibi sunt integra lintea
You don't have sails in one piece,
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non di, quos iterum pressa voces malo
nor the gods, whom you can call when overwhelmed by danger
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quamvis Pontica pinus
Although you, a pine tree from Pontica
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silvae filia nobilis
Daughter of noble wood
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iactes et genus et nomen inutile,
boast of both pedigree and a useless name,
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nil pictis timidus navita puppibus fidit.
the scared sailor does not trust your ornate stern.
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tu, nisi ventis debes ludibrium cave.
you beware if it is not your destiny to be a plaything for the winds.
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nuper sollicitum quae erat mihi taedium,
you who recently were a distressing burden to me
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nunc desiderium curaque non levis,
now you are an object of love and not a light concern
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interfusa nitentes vites aequora Cycladas.
steer clear of the sea flowing between the shining Cycladas.
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O quis agis?


What do you do?

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Fortiter occupa portum!


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Nonne vides ut nudum remigio latus,


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et malus celeri saucius Africo,


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