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How many groups can the inscriptions be split into?
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What are these 14?
Imperial Staff/ Local Government/ Roads/ Leigonaries/ Auxilaries/ The Fleet/ Civilians/ Roman Deities/ Celtic and German/ Eastern/ Curses/ Christianity/ The Vindolanda Tablets/ Women
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The Imperial Staff - How many are there?
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2 Punched Plates - York (3c)
"To the deities of the governors headquarters"/ "To Ocean and Tethys"
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Stone inscription (80sAD)
Judicial official of the Province of Britain = Ianovlenus Priscus, under orders of Publius Crispinus' will
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Tombstone Londinuim (1c)
spectaulores (military police)
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Tombstone Wroxeter (60,61)
Gaius Secundrius, soldier of legion **, beneficiarius on the Governor's staff - Died 52 yrs
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Altar Winchester (3c)
"To the Italian, German, Gailic and British Mother Goddesses, Antonius Lucretianus restored this"
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Base of the Jupiter Column Cirencester (3/4c)
"IOM... Lucius Septimus - "Governor of Britannia Prima"
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Local Government - How many are there?
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Dedication Slab Chichester (59)
Evidence of annual public vow fro the Emperor's safety
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Dedication Slab Chichester (1c)
"To Neptune and Minerva forr the welfare of the divine house... Cogidubnus, Great King of Britain" (Claudius gave Citizenship)
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Commemorative slab Wroxeter (129-130)
"For the Emperor Caesar Trajan... The Civitas of the Cornovii"
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Pedestal Caerwent (pre-220)
"To Tiberius Claudius Paulinus... The Civitas of the Silures"
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Building Stone Hadrians Wall (?)
Notes the help of the Catuvellanti tribe (South) in the building of the wall(North)
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Dedication Slab Brough-on-Humber (139-144)
Dedication to a new theatre to Emperor Titus from Marcus Ianuarus "councillor of the vicus of Petuaria"
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Altar Carlisle (238-244)
To Jupiter and Vulcan, and the Emperor - altar given by local people (shows Roman worship by natives)
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Altar - Vindolanda (2/3c)
To the Emperor's Genius and Vulcan - the people of Vindolanda
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Altar - Northumberland (2/3c)
To Sattada from Textoverdi Tribe (unsure on both, but shows they ahd an assembly)
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Roads - Altar Catterick (191)
To the God who invented Roads and paths, Titus Idras"
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Legionaries - How many?
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Dedication Slab - York (2c)
To Serapis (crops and grain - Egyptian), Claudius legate VI, "built this temple from ground level"
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Tombstone Chester (3c)
Marcus Aurelius Alexander - 72yrs, camp prefect XXVV
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Tombstone Chester (3c)
Caeulus Avitus - 34yrs- 15yrs service - from Portugal
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Tombstone Chester (3c)
Titinus Felix - beneficiarius XXVV - 45 yrs- 22 yrs service, set up by his wife
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Statue of the Goddess Brigantia Birrens (3c)
Amandus the engineer [set this up]
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Tombstone Bath (3c)
Iulius Vitalis armourer - 29yrs- 9yrs service XXVV- origin a Belga
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Altar York (200ish)
To the Italian, African and Gailic Mother Goddess, Marcus Minucius Audens - Soldier of VI - pilot (senior naval officer)
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Tombstone Lincoln (1c)
Quintus Cornelius - calvary man- 40yrs - 19yrs service
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Auxilaries - How many?
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Altar - Bollihope Common (2/3c)
To Silvianus, from Gaius Tetius Veturicus Micianus, prefect (thanking for helping him capture a boar)
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Tombstone Vercovicium (3c)
Ancius Ingenius - A Doctor - 25yrs
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Tombstone Northumberland (Flavian)
Flavinus calvaryman - 25yrs - 7yrs service
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The Fleet - Altar Lemanius (130s)
To Neptune from Lucius Aufidius- prefect of the British fleet
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Civilians - How many?
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Tombstone Colchester (3c)
Barates of Palmyra - 68 yrs - unsure of his ranking
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Tombstone South Shields (3c)
Barates wife - Regina, freedwoman, origin Catuvellanti tribe, high quality
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Tombstone Colchester (?)
Roman Knight - originating from Briatin
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Tombstone Lincoln
Flavius Helius - Greek - 40yrs - trader?
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Bronze Plate Colchester (222-235)
To Mars and Victory, Lossio Veda
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Dedication Stone Bath (?)
Stone Mason Priscus (Roman), son of Toutius (Celt) from Carnutaria (France) - to the Goddess Sulis
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Bronze Plate Colchester (?)
To Silvanus Callirius, Cintusimus VSLM -Coppersmith
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Building Stone York (?)
"To the Genius of this place" goodluck extended to slave - Goldsmith
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Dedication Slab York (221)
"To Neptune, the Genius of this place and the spirits of the Emperors" from Lucius Viucius Placidus - trader
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Dedication Slab Cologne (213)
To Apollo, from the freedman Gaius Aurelius Verus... trader with Britian... seafarer"
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Altar Holland (2/3c)
"To the Goddess Nehalennia" from Marcus Secundrius Silvanus - trader in Pottery
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Roman Deities - how many?
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Altar Cumbria (2c)
IOM the first cohort of the Baetasians VSLM
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Silver Plate Buckinghamshire (?)
IOM and Vulcan - 6 denarii worth for getting him home safely - trader or merchant?
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Inscribed door jamb Caerleon (224)
To the Divine powers of the Emperor and the Genius of the second legion Augusta- their birthday
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Relief Gloucester (?)
"To the God Romulus" by Gulioepius and Juventinus
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Pedestal Lanchester (?)
To the God Silvanus - Marcus Provincial is beneficiarius
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Tombstone York (?)
Written in Hexameter for 9 lines, Corellia Optata - 13 yrs, put up by her father
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Celtic and German deities - how many?
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Silver Plaque Barkway (?)
To Mars Alator Censoinus VSLLM (Syncresis)
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Altar Cumbria (2/3c)
To Mars Belatucadrius (syncresis) and the divine powers of the Emperors, Julius Augustalis
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Square Pillar Vercovicium (3c)
To Mars Thincsus(syncresis), Beda and Fimmilena (German)
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Altar South Shields
To the Goddess Brigantia from Congenniccus
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Altar Vercovicium (?)
IOM, Cocidius and the Genius of this place - soldiers of the second legion Augusta VSLM
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Altar Cumbria (3c)
To Cocidius - Aurunceius Felicesselmus, tribune VSLM (High ranking soldier worshipping Celtic deity)
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Dedication Slab Maia (?)
To the Mother Goddess - Antonianus dedicate this shrine - promise to guild in gold if prayers are answered
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Dedication stone Colchester (?)
To the Mother Goddess Suleviae (Gaul), Similus VSLM
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Statue base Bath (2c)
To the Sulevaie - Sulinus (sculptor) VSLM
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Altar Cirencester (2c)
To the Sulevaie - Sulinus (sculptor) VSLM
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Altar Bath (2/3c)
To Sulis Minerva (Syncresis) Giaus Curiatus Saturnius VSLM
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Altar Bath (2/3c)
To the Goddess Sulis for the safety of a centurion of VI, from his freedman
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Tombstone Bath (2/3c)
Gaius Calpurnius Receptus - Priest of Sulis - 75yrs - put up by his freedwoman and wife
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Statue base Bath (?)
To Sulis from a haruspex (soothsayer)
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Eatern deities - how many?
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Altar Chester (?)
GREEK to Asklepios, Hygenia and Panakeia (healing deities)
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Altar Corbridge (?)
GREEK Altar to Astarte - from Pulcher
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Altar Londinium (3c)
EGYPTIAN Temple of Isis restored by Pulcher
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Altar Corbridge (2/3c)
ROMAN/CELT To Jupiter of Doliche (syncresis) and Brigantia and Salus from Centurion VI
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Altar Carrawburugh (3c)
PERSIAN To Mithras from a prefect
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Curses - How many?
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Curse from Bath (4c)
From: Annianus To:whoever stole her 6 silver coins, the lady goddess is to take revenge
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Curse from Caerleon (?)
From:... To: Lady Nemesis (Greek), she is given a cloak and boots if she returns them
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Curse from Gloucester (?)
To: Nodens (god of lost property), pretty sure Senicianus stole his ring - curse late reinforced
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Curse from Uley (2-4c)
Whatever he has lost goes to Mercury, if it is returned - quite a harsh curse
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Christianity - how many?
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Silver cup Cambridgeshire (4c)
Publianus honours the Lords "sacred sanctuary" (chi-rho, A O before insript)
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Tombstone Carlisle (4c)
Grecian citizen - 60yrs - gives his sould to the FATES, yet holds the Christian idea of loaning your soul whilst on earth
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The Word Square Cirencester (2c)
Spells out Pater Noster (Our Father) when put into a cross shape with 2 A O 's left.
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The Vindolanda tablets
From Octavius to his brother Candidus - discussing needing supplies/money/wagon, about friends
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Women The Birthday invitation (97-102)
"Claudia Severa to her Lepidina" Army Wives - written by 2, formal by scribe, less formal by her - FEMALE LITERACY
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The Veterans Wife Tombstone Caerleon (2/3c)
Iulia Secundria - 75yrs, set up by her son
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Imperial Staff/ Local Government/ Roads/ Leigonaries/ Auxilaries/ The Fleet/ Civilians/ Roman Deities/ Celtic and German/ Eastern/ Curses/ Christianity/ The Vindolanda Tablets/ Women

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The Imperial Staff - How many are there?


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