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Spanish GCSE - Unit 1 - De vacaciones

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I spent a week
Pasé una semana
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I went by plane
Fui en avión
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The flight lasted...
El vuelo duró...
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My hotel was on the coast
Mi hotel estaba en la costa
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It was very modern
Era muy moderno
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It had a fantastic restaurant
Tenía un restaurante fantástico
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The clients were English
Los clientes eran ingleses
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The waiters wore a uniform
Los camareros llevaban uniforme
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They spoke Enlish
Hablaban inglés
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I met a lot of young people
Conocí a muchos jóvenes
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They were very nice
Eran muy simpáticos
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I improved my Spanish
Mejoré mi español
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It was sunny all the week
Hizo sol toda la semana
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You could do...
Podías hacer...
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Card 2


Fui en avión


I went by plane

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El vuelo duró...


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Mi hotel estaba en la costa


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Era muy moderno


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