A Comedy - The Swaggering Soldier (character list)

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Who is Pyrgopolynices?
He is the Soldier, bigheadded, his name means "tower of many victories"
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Who is Artotrogus?
His "satellite"
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Who is Palaestrio?
His slave who is plotting against him (yay)
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Who is Periplectomenus?
Pyrgo's neibour and Palaestrio's fellow plotter
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Who is Philocomasium?
The Soldiers concubine, previous citizen of Athens and Palaestrio's former mistress...
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Who is Pleusicles?
Philocomasiums beloved, and other former master of Palaestrio
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A courtesan hired to help fool the soldier
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her slave
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What was this play based on?
The Greek "The Braggart"
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The charcters are Greek but..
have Roman atribues
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What is the name of the town in which this all takes place?
The City of Ephesus
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Who is Artotrogus?


His "satellite"

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Who is Palaestrio?


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Who is Periplectomenus?


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Who is Philocomasium?


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