A Comedy - The Swaggering Soldier

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How many sections can this play be split into?
3 Sections, Section 1 = 5 then interval, Section 2 = 3 then time pass, then Section 3 = 6
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Section 1 - I
Pyrgo and Arto = Art fawns over Pyrgo, compares him to Mars (although supposed to be Greek), Art doesnt really like Pyrgo thinks he is "conceited", he is "such a hero" and it is "such a bore to be so good looking"
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Section 1 - II
Palaestrio = Comes in and talks to the audience in verse, he explains what has been going on, and what is going to happen
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Section 1 - III
Palaestrio and Periplectomenus = the "kind old gentleman" comes on yelling and swearing - LOL, a slave spotted Philo and Pleusicles, she needs to hop back accross the partition, they decide to tell him that she has a twin sister.
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Section 1 - IV
Palae, Sceledrus and Philo =Scel saw them kissing, Palae tells him hes being stupid and goes to get Philo, she comes out and insults him, then goes back into Peris house and comes out as "Honoria", Sceledrus assults her...
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Section 1 - V
Sceledrus and Peri = Peri comes out and berates Sceledrus for his behaviour, goes and see's "Honoria" in Peri's house and decides to "bunk off" so he can stay out of trouble
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Section 2 - I
Palae, Peri and Pleusicles = They have a plan but Pleu feels bad for including Peri "at his age", Peri takes offense and they discuss age, money, wives, children, Then they finally get to the plan
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Section 2 - II
Palae and Lucrio = Sceledrus is passed out rn, Lucrio is drunk and rude (what is the point of this part? to allow actors to change?)
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Section 2 - III
Palae, Peri and Acro = Women are good at turning bad deeds, she insulted Peri for thinking she didnt understand her role but now goes back over what it is, she assures them everything will work out fine.
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Section 3 - I
Palae and Pyrgo = informs Pyrgo of a "delightful new proposition", shows he is shallow and full of himself and is convinced to let Philo go.
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Section 3 - II
Palae, Pyrgo and Milphidippa = Mil sililoquises about her mistresses love for Pyrgo, Mil tells Pyrgo that her mistress is "desperate", he will see her and she leaves, he goes in to let Philo go
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Section 3 - III
Palae, Mil, acro and Peri = tehy run back through the plan again, Pleusicles is in disguise to take Philo away (why?)
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Section 3 - IV
Palae, Pyrgo, Acro and Mil = Pyrgo had to give Philo Palae! Acro "isnt worthy enough" to see him, she will DIE if she doesnt get to see him, she nearly faints and is escorted back to the house by Mil
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Section 3 - V
Palae, Pyrgo, Pleu and Philo = Pleusicles comes to take Philo away and is nearly caught by Pyrgo, they leave and Palae gives an emotional farewell and then runs off after them
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Section 3 - VI
Peri, Pyrgo, Acro and Mil = Pyrgo goes in the house after Acro and is dragged back out by Peri, they debate killing him, they charge him 100D to be allowed to return home and he says its a fair cop, Justice is served
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Section 1 - I


Pyrgo and Arto = Art fawns over Pyrgo, compares him to Mars (although supposed to be Greek), Art doesnt really like Pyrgo thinks he is "conceited", he is "such a hero" and it is "such a bore to be so good looking"

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Section 1 - II


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Section 1 - IV


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