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2. Children don't usually tell others that they are being abused because:

  • No-one will believe them.
  • They have been threatened if they do.
  • All of them.
  • They feel frightened.
  • They love their abuser.

3. A vunerable person may be:

  • A child.
  • A pregnant woman.
  • An unemployed peson.
  • An overweight person.

4. What does being vulnerable mean?

  • They have a carer.
  • They have to rely on others.
  • They are in a hospital.
  • They have to go to certain places, eg a luncheon club.

5. What is a CRB check for?

  • To see is someone has a criminal record, and to keep an eye on them if they do.
  • To ensure that everyone working with vulnerable people don't have a criminal record that could affect the safety of the vulnerable people.
  • To see is someone has worked with vulnerable people before.




got 1 wrong but overall a good quiz for revision

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