A2 schizophrenia

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what is schizophrenia?
a dissociation from reality, a suffer thinks their delusions are reality
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symptoms of disorganised schizophrenia
disorganised speech, bizarre behaviour, lack of emotion(flat affect) social withdrawal and loss of interest in life
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Symptoms of catatonic schizophrenia
excessive motor activity or fixed rigid movements for hours on end (catatonic stupor)
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symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia
delusions and hallucinations, the suffer may feel persecuted but emotional and cognitive responses are not affected
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symptoms of undifferentiated schizophrenia
a mixture of symptoms from paranoid, catatonic and disorganised schizophrenia
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symptoms of residual schizophrenia
an ex suffer of schizophrenia but now only displays a few/mild symptoms eg. social withdrawal, bizarre behaviour or flat emotional affect
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why is it difficult to distinguish between schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders?
the symptoms of schizophrenia can overlap with the symptoms of other disorders
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what do positive symptoms (type one) include?
hallucinations, delusions, thought and speech disturbances, and disorganised or catatonic behaviour
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What do negative symptoms (type two) include?
loss of cognitive, emotional and social functions
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what are hallucinations?
perceptions that occur without stimuli from the external world, they can be auditory, visual or somatic
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visual hallucinations could include...
seeing the devil or someone evil, these are the second most common types of hallucinations
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auditory hallucinations could include...
voices that sound like they are coming from outside the sufferers head, the sufferer will often talk back
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Somatic hallucinations could include...
anything to do with the body for example, insects eating away from inside the body
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What are delusions?
ideas, beliefs, or values that sufferers thinks are true but aren't
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what are delusions of persecution?
false belief that friends, family or colleagues are plotting against them
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what are delusions of reference?
false belief that random events are really a meaningful pattern of events
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what are delusions of grandeur?
false belief that one has special powers or is famous
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what are delusions of being controlled?
false belief that ones feelings and behaviours are controlled by an external force
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what are delusions of guilt?
believing that one has done something really wrong eg. killing someone
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how are thought and speech disturbances shown?
by illogical thinking thought and speech often jumps from one topic to another incoherently
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What is disorganised behaviour?
predictable and sudden behaviours, sufferers often struggle to organise the basics of everyday life and the sufferer might sit all day with no interest of doing anything. disorganised behaviour leads to social withdrawal
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what is avolition?
(negative symptom) general loss of energy,inability to complete tasks,and general loss in life,this can lead to social withdrawal and isolation from society
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what is absence of emotion?
total loss of emotional responses, the sufferer doesn't make eye contact, and will speak with a monotone voice
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what is absence of social functions?
poor social skills and interactions with other people, it's likely the sufferer won't be able to hold a job down, keep friends or intimate relationships making them even more isolated
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what are secondary symptoms?
symptoms that occur as a result of the disorder
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what do secondary symptoms include?
depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, drug abuse and social isolation
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How is schizophrenia diagnosed?
according to the DSM core symptoms, delusions, hallucinations etc have to be present for more than a month and other symptoms, mental and behavioural disturbances have to be present for 6 months
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symptoms of disorganised schizophrenia


disorganised speech, bizarre behaviour, lack of emotion(flat affect) social withdrawal and loss of interest in life

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Symptoms of catatonic schizophrenia


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symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia


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symptoms of undifferentiated schizophrenia


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