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2. whats a strength of the social learning theory explination

  • Theres alot of experimental evidence to show that behaviour is imitated
  • It looks at the cognitive approach
  • Theres none
  • It links in with the self fullfilling prophecy

3. whats a weakness in the social learning theory explination

  • It doesnt look at individual differences, only on social factors from the individual
  • Children may become desensitised to violence
  • Its not the biological approach
  • Theres no weaknesses

4. what reinforcement do they use where they remove someting unpleasent?

  • positive reinforcent
  • operant conditioning
  • Negative reinforcement
  • Classical conditioning

5. whats the stages of the modelling process?

  • Attention, retention,reproduction, motivation
  • attention, looking, talking, notocing
  • reproduction, attention, motivation, looking


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