A2 Psych - Anorexia Nervosa Quiz

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1. One explanation from the learning approach is that anorexia develops as a result of rewards from the environment. The fear of gaining weight once lost is paired with eating, and in turn, what develops?

  • a classically conditioned anxiety response
  • the need for attention
  • vicarious reinforcement
  • imitation of role models
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2. A second suggestion is that the anorexic learns that not eating brings them...?

  • attention from parents
  • greater anxiety
  • food
  • weight loss

3. This study demonstrated the genetic link of anorexia..

  • Rosenhan (1973)
  • Holland et al. (1984)
  • Little Hans (1909)
  • Loftus and Palmer (1974)

4. The anorexic sees the rewards that others get for their slimness and this acts as?

  • vicarious reinforcement
  • intrinsic rewards
  • self-reinforcement
  • a token

5. Another type of BIOLOGICAL explanation is that anorexia is...

  • the individual has conflict between the id and superego
  • genetic and runs in families
  • the individual wants to remain a child
  • it is a result of the environment


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