A2 Psych - Anorexia Nervosa Quiz

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1. The anorexic sees the rewards that others get for their slimness and this acts as?

  • a token
  • vicarious reinforcement
  • self-reinforcement
  • intrinsic rewards
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2. One explanation from the learning approach is that anorexia develops as a result of rewards from the environment. The fear of gaining weight once lost is paired with eating, and in turn, what develops?

  • imitation of role models
  • a classically conditioned anxiety response
  • vicarious reinforcement
  • the need for attention

3. 20% have one episode and recover completely, what percentage have an episodic pattern if weight gain/relapse?

  • 60%
  • 45%
  • 20%
  • 75%

4. Another type of BIOLOGICAL explanation is that anorexia is...

  • it is a result of the environment
  • the individual wants to remain a child
  • genetic and runs in families
  • the individual has conflict between the id and superego

5. The anorexic may learn that not eating brings them attention, and so their not eating is reinforced. This applies principles of..?

  • operant conditioning
  • classical conditioning
  • spontaneous recovery
  • extinction


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