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Mens Rea Definition
Mental element of the crime/ What was going on in the mind of the victim/ Ths is the most difficult part of the crime to prove as can't prove what is going on in someones head.
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Rv Steane 1947
War time propaganda
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Direct Intention
Must have direct intention to bring out the outcome
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Mohan 1975
Slowed down then accelarated towards the police officer.
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Oblique Intention
consequence is not the defendants clear aim but occurs as a result of their actions and is linked to their capacity to forsee the consequence.
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Hyam 1985
Likely or Highly likely/ Letterbox petrol bomb
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Moloney 1985
Drunken dual/Natural consequence/ Step father died
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Hancock and Shankland 1986
Miners on strike / Concrete block killed another miner/ Foreseeabiity
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Nedrick 1986
Poured parrafin through letterbox/ Virtually certain
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Woolin 1998
Threw 3 month old baby died/ Infer to find
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Matthews and Alleyene 2003
Beat victim up dropped into river knew couldnt swim/ jury not have to find intention
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Didnt set out to bring about the consequence it was a risk but carried on regardless
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Cunningham 1957
Subjective/ Gas meter/ didnt intend to cause harm
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Caldwell 1981
Objective/ Drunk set fire to hotel
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R v Gand R 2003
Subjective/ Set fire to wheelie bin
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Actus Reus
Guilty act/ Must be wrongful/ Has to be voluntary
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What you physically do
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What you do not do
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Statutory duty
Parliament has put laws in to try to protect others- Childrens ans young persons act 1983
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Contranctual duty
Pittwood 1902- Gate keeper forgot to close the gate
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Duty- Relationship
Rv Gibbons and Proctor 1918- Failed to feed daughter
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Duty- Voluntary
Rv Stone and Dobinson 1977- Anorexic sister
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Duty- Official Position
R v Dytham- On duty left man while he was gettng beat up
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Duty- Chain of events
Rv Miller- Fire went to another room
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Strict Liability
Where mens rea is not needed for at least one element of a voluntary actus reus
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Pharmaceutical Society of GB v Storkwain
Pharamasist supplied a restricted drug on a forged perscription/ Found guilty
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Winzar 1983 Absolute liabilty
Drunken man police put him on the highway then arrested hik for being drunk on the highway
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Rv Larsonneur 1933 Absolute Liability
Forcibly deported not allowed in england convicted under the aliens order 1920 for beig in the uk without permssion. AR not voluntary
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Sweet V parsley 1969
A school teacher let house to students. students were smoking . She was unaware Not SL offence
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Callow v Tillstone
Butcher meat unfit= No need for fault Relegate Offences(Drive up standards)
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Smedleys LTD v Breed 1974
Caterpillar in tin of peas
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Alphacell V Woodward 1972
Used equipment to prevent pollution fault- quasi- criminal offence
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Wings v Ellis 1984
Room by holidy company/ Not match picture and description
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Harrow LBC v Shah ans Shah
Lottery ticket underage
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Cundy v Le cocq
Sold alcool to drunken person
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Sherras v De Rutzen1895
Sold alcohol to constable on duty
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B v DPP 2000
Bus lad asked for sexual activity
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Hong Kong v AG of Hong Kong 1984
deviating from bulding plans and in breach of Hong Kong building laws
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Casual relationship between conduct and result
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R v Pagett
Manslaughter/ Girlfriend hostage died/ Shield
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Rv White
Poison- Mum- Died anyway
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R v Chesire
Fish and chip shop-shot died
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Rv Jordon-
stabbed- died- hospital fault
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Rv Malcherek
Stabbed/ Life support- Murder
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R V Smith
Soldier stabbed- dropped- poot medical treatment
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Try but fail to carry out crime
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R v Boyle and Boyle
Attempted burgalry/ Lock and hinges had been broken
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Rv Jones 1990
More then merely preparatory/ Decieded to kill rival
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R v Guellefer 1990
Acts were merely preparatory conviction quashed/ Grey hounds
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R v Campbell 1991
Arrested near post office/ Imitation gun
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Geddes 1996
Attempted false imprisonment- Toilet rope tape
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R v Tosti 1997
Planned burgalry/ Hid in hedge/ Checked the lock
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R v Rowley 1991
Left notes inn public lavatory inviting young boys to make contact
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DPP v Mason 2009
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Toothill 1998
Attempted burgalry with intent to **** Knocked on door
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R v Whybrow
Attempted murder/Wired up bath in attemt to electrocute his wife
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Walker and Hayles 1990
Threw V from balcony forseen consequence
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AG ref 3/92
Threw petrol bom with people in car
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R v Easom 1971
Picks up womans handbag in cinema// Rummaged through it/ No evidence going to steal
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R v Husseyn 1977
Loitering near back of the van/ Police approached and they ran off
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Millard and Vernon 1987
Repeatedly pushed against a wooden fence
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S39 Criminal Justice Act 1988
Assault/ Battery
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Smith v Chief superintendent of working police station 1983
Broke in garden looked through
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R v Lamb 1967
Points revolver at friend as a joke gun fires kills friend
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R v Light 1857
Raise sword above wifes head/Wife feared force
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Collins v Willcock 1984
Police officer used to much force
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Rv Chan Fook 1994
Locked in room
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DPP V Smith 2006
Cut pony tail
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R v Savage
Poured beer over victim slipped and cut wrist
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Rv Roberts
Gave girl lift in car she jumped out to avoid sexual advances
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S 20
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R v Parmenter
Roughly handled baby
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R v Lewis 1974
Threatened wife she jumped out of window
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Eisenhower 1983
Wounding- No cut so no wound to eye
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War time propaganda


Rv Steane 1947

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Must have direct intention to bring out the outcome


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Slowed down then accelarated towards the police officer.


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consequence is not the defendants clear aim but occurs as a result of their actions and is linked to their capacity to forsee the consequence.


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