A2 Geography; Unit 3 Ecosystems.

What does Biotic mean?
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What is the definition of Biomass?
The mass of material in the bodies of animals and plants.
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What factors are abiotic?
PH, Climate, Soil, Relief of the land, and drainage characteristics.
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Define a Food Chain.
A hierarchy of organisms in a community. Each member feeds upon another in the chain and is eaten in turn.
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What is an Ecosystem?
A dynamic, stable system characterised by the interaction of plants and animals with each other and with the non living components of the environment. A Biome can also be judged by the speed at which the vegetation grows.
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What is a Climatic Climax?
The final stage of a plant succession, in which the vegetation is in balance with the environmental conditions (soil and climate).
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What is a Plagioclimax?
The plant community that exists when human intereference prevents the climatic climax being reached.
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What is a lithosere?
A succession that begins life on a newly exposed rock surface.
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What is a hydrosere?
A Hydrosere develops in a freshwater environment and submerged aquatics are the first plants to develop. These help to trap sediment which enables other species, such as aquatics with floating leaves to move in.
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What is the Climatic Climax Community in the UK?
Temperate Deciduous Woodland.
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What is the tallest tree type in Deciduous Woodland, and how tall can it grow?
Oak; 30-40m.
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Plant successions can be stopped, give three examples of human intereference that create a plagioclimax community.
Deforestation or Afforestation, Animal Grazing and Trampling, and Fire Clearance.
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When does a Secondary Succession develop?
It develops on land that has been previously vegetated.
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Give the name of the plagioclimax that forms in the UK.
Heather Moorland.
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What is the name of the first plants that move into an environment. (Think of Christopher Columbus!)
Pioneer Plants.
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Tropical Rainforest Biomes have the highest what?
Net Primary Productivity.
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When Silica minerals are washed out of the soil A horizon, what is this known as?
Leaching, or Eluviation.
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What is the name of the process that breaks down bedrock by chemical weathering into clay minerals and sesquioxides?
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What is Zonal Soil?
Underlying soil that has developed naturally over a long period of time that is in balance with the environment.
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What is Latosoil?
The zonal soil type associated with the tropical rainforest.
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What is Soil Moisture Recharge?
Rainwater that fills the empty pores in the soil, and when they are full, the soil is said to have reached its field capacity.
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What is the definition of Biomass?


The mass of material in the bodies of animals and plants.

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What factors are abiotic?


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Define a Food Chain.


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What is an Ecosystem?


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