A2 Edexcel - Music Technology

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1. Most Major Record Companies have stopped producing Vinyl Records as ...?

  • they are not as durable or easily editable when compared to digital media; overall it is more expensive.
  • they are difficult to produce.
  • they are not popular.
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2. A Disadvantage of vinyl?

  • Not fully discreet channel separation.
  • Its not playable.
  • Its impact resistant.

3. An advantage of vinyl?

  • It has more storage capacity
  • Easy to locate music, possible to jump sections as opposed to fast forward / rewind.
  • Its bigger

4. An advantage of vinyl?

  • Dance music DJ's crd able to manipulate the sound through scratching, beatmatching, slip-cuing and controlling the speed of the turntable.
  • Its durable.
  • its shatter resistant.

5. A Disadvantage of vinyl?

  • Its durable.
  • LP's are bulky and not very portable.
  • It must be cleaned each time before use.


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