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2. An advantage of vinyl?

  • Warm Sound.
  • Cold Sound.
  • Mild Sound.

3. An advantage of vinyl?

  • It is cheaper to make.
  • LP cover artwork much admired.
  • Its Dull.

4. A Disadvantage of vinyl?

  • Outside electrical interference could be amplified by the magnetic cartridge.
  • There is too much distortion.
  • CD's contain better quality.

5. How does Vinyl work?

  • Placed on a box that vibrates and causes the etchings within the Vinyl to shake and produce different frequencies.
  • An engraved copy of an acoustic waveform is etched into a hard but pliable medium such as vinyl. A needle then moves laterally in the grooves as the disc is rotated. The mechanical movement can be converted via electromagnetism into sound.
  • When you write data to a Vinyl the writing laser heats up the dye layer and changes its transparency. The change in the dye creates the equivalent of a non-reflective bump. This is a permanent change and can read the modified dye as a bump later on.


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