A2 Biology Unit 4 ( EDEXCEL ) 39 Questions

I have created a quiz on Unit 4 of Edexcel Biology (A2). Please excuse any spelling mistakes, I've done my best to spell everything write, but feel free to message me if you spot one. I have checked and checked the questions and answer but there are a lot there so if you do find one that you think is incorrect please let me know immediatly so I can change it. I hope it helps, even if its just a little bit. 

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  • Created by: Holly
  • Created on: 06-12-12 12:21

1. Photophosphorylation is

  • The splitting of water by light
  • The synthesis of ATP
  • The synthesis of Glucose
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2. The stable end point of succession is refered to as the

  • Stable community
  • Climax community
  • Final community

3. Introns are

  • Molecule involved in Protein synthesis
  • The non coding regions of DNA
  • The coding regions of DNA

4. What does intergase do

  • Helps insert the viral DNA into the host's DNA
  • There's no such thing
  • Reverse the transcription process
  • Helps fuse the membranes together

5. Which will give us the longest record for global warming?

  • Ice cores
  • Temperature records
  • Palynology
  • Dendrochronology



Will not load results, other quiz's do but not this one. Good questions, though


I was waiting for my results for around 3 minutes then I decided to leave it then just saw that comment. Thanks


yea same ^ annoying

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