A2 applied set work; James Horner - Take Her to Sea, Mr Murdoch

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1. What is happening from bar 30?

  • Ship is under full steam
  • Ship is sinking
  • Ship is about the sink
  • Ship is coming into port
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2. What feel does the 5/4 metre at bar 37 give?

  • A folk like feel
  • A sad feel
  • A dance like feel
  • A simple feel

3. What does the dance style melody at bar 37 do to maintain interest?

  • Use sequence and simple stepwise contours
  • Use sequence and complicated disjunct contours

4. What type of cadences are quite rare?

  • Plagal
  • Interrupted
  • Traditional perfect
  • Imperfect

5. At times the harmony is non-functional. Who could this be influenced by?

  • John Cage
  • The 'pan-diatonic' style of American composers like Aaron Copland
  • Eric Satie


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