A2 applied set work; James Horner - Take Her to Sea, Mr Murdoch

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1. What are the three most common textures of the piece?

  • Homophony, monophony and homorhythm
  • Homorhythm, homophony and heterophony
  • Homorhythm, monophony and heterophony
  • Antiphony, monophony and homophony
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2. What happens to the music when it is less tied to the action on screen?

  • More traditional musical shapes appear
  • Less traditional musical shapes appear

3. The linking motive at bar 62 spans a what?

  • Downward aug 4th
  • Downward 4th
  • Downward 5th
  • Downward 3rd

4. What sort of pedal texture is seen in bars 57-60?

  • Sustained bass pedal
  • Tonic pedal over 3 octaves in strings
  • Articulated pedal in violin and viola
  • Pedals with octave leaps

5. At bar 12 what does the opening rising 4th idea reappear as?

  • Alberti bass
  • A fugue idea
  • An ostinato figure
  • A chordal accompaniment


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