A2 applied set work; James Horner - Take Her to Sea, Mr Murdoch

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1. At bar 57 what is the melody decorated by in the viola and horn?

  • Echapees
  • Triplets using lower aux notes
  • Triplets using upper aux notes
  • Appoggiaturas
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2. What timbre is there FEW uses of?

  • Soli
  • Solo
  • Tutti

3. Where was Horner classically trained originally? Where did this lead?

  • California; led to RCM, London
  • New York; led to Royal Northern College of Music
  • California; led to Royal Northern College of Music
  • New York; led to RCM, London

4. At bar 12 what does the opening rising 4th idea reappear as?

  • Alberti bass
  • A fugue idea
  • An ostinato figure
  • A chordal accompaniment

5. What does the music do up to bar 30?

  • Become quieter
  • Follow the on screen action
  • Build up to a climax
  • Become thinner texturally


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