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2. Where was Horner classically trained originally? Where did this lead?

  • California; led to Royal Northern College of Music
  • New York; led to RCM, London
  • California; led to RCM, London
  • New York; led to Royal Northern College of Music

3. How is the opening rising 4th idea developed?

  • Imitation/inversion
  • Retrograde
  • Inversion and retrograde

4. What sort of pedal texture is seen in bars 8-10?

  • Sustained bass pedal
  • Pedals with octave leaps
  • Articulated pedal in violin and viola
  • Tonic pedal over 3 octaves in strings

5. What type of chords are used throughout?

  • Maj/min, mostly in root/1st
  • Maj, mostly in root/1st
  • Maj/min/dim, mostly in root/1st
  • Maj/min, mostly in 2nd inversion


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