A2 Law Theft - Actus Reus

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1. Which of these is correct? You're buying a cheeseburger in McDonald's and your friend Corinne tells you that the £1 you've paid may pay for other things other than the components of the cheeseburger.

  • They must refund you and give you free cheeseburgers so you don't take them to court
  • When you pay for a cheeseburger, the money may go to other things for the business, this is not theft as this would be unreasonable as in Hall
  • The company commits theft because their obligations are clear
  • McDonald's can do what they want and so can any other company regadless
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2. Which of these is correct?

  • You can copy exam questions on your own paper without it being theft
  • Exam questions photocopied onto school paper is not theft
  • Looking at exam questions is theft
  • All things in the mind are property

3. What is the case law for assumption of rights to sell?

  • Morris
  • Hinks
  • Pitman v Hehl
  • Lawrence

4. What is the case that states that corpses are not personal property?

  • Kelly v Lindsey
  • Gomez
  • A-G of Hong Kong v Chan Nai-Keung
  • Wain

5. What are the 5 types of property?

  • Plants, Flowers, Wild animals, Real, Other Intangible property
  • There are more than five
  • Money, Personal, Real, Things in Action, Other intangible property
  • Personal, Real, Money, Electricity, Things in Action


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