A2 Law Theft - Actus Reus

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1. What does the case of Klinenberg v Marsden tell us?

  • Possession and control has a very wide definition
  • Exact notes and coins do not need to be used
  • There must be a clear obligation
  • Obligations can be formal
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2. What is the case law for assumption of rights to sell?

  • Morris
  • Hinks
  • Pitman v Hehl
  • Lawrence

3. Can you be in possession and control even if you don't know about it?

  • It depends on the context of the scenario
  • Yes as shown in Woodman
  • No, you cannot assume that they're in possession and control
  • Yes, but I would be guilty if it gets stolen

4. What is the case that states that corpses are not personal property?

  • Kelly v Lindsey
  • Wain
  • Gomez
  • A-G of Hong Kong v Chan Nai-Keung

5. What does the separate offence when stealing electricity come under?

  • s47 Offences Against the Person Act
  • s11 Theft Act 1968
  • Criminal Justice Act
  • s6 Theft Act 1968


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