A2 Government and Politics Primary Elections Quiz

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1. In 2008 what was the so called "super tuesday" re named as and how many states took part?

  • Tsunami Tuesday 15
  • Tsunami Tuesday 23
  • Tidal Tuesday 15
  • Super Duper Tuesday 15
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2. What is "front loading"?

  • When states schedule their presidential primaries or caucuses earlier in the cycle, in an attempt to increase the importance of their state in choosing presidential candidates.
  • When a number of states coincide their presidential primaries in order to gain influence in their region when selecting their presidential candidate.
  • When candidates focus their resources on key "swing states" to try to gain more delegates.
  • When parties push forward their National Nominating Convention to give their candidate more time to campagne.

3. What factor is most likely to effect turnout in a primary (according to Anthony J. Bennett)?

  • Close competition between candidates.
  • The location of voting stations.
  • Weather.
  • Type of primary (Close/open)

4. In 1968 only 11.7 million Americans took part in the primary election, what did this increase to in 2008?

  • 100 million
  • 58 million
  • 35 million
  • 67 million

5. What is "the big mo"?

  • The oldest Republican voter in Iowa, it is traditional for Republican candidates to shake her hand.
  • The term often used to describe Democratic debates.
  • Where a candidate gains momentum due to a succession of wins.
  • The term given to a candidate who has been backed by the president.


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