A2 English Language Change theorists

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1. Aitchison's damp spoon metaphor

  • People pick up language changes to fit in with certain social groups
  • Language changes because people are lazy
  • Language should be preserved
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2. Aitchison internal socioliogical factors - gap between language and technology

  • Technology and language
  • All language geared towards younger users
  • Fashion and foreign influence

3. Peter Trudgill

  • Descriptivist
  • Prescriptivist
  • Central

4. Aitchison external sociological factors - social needs

  • How fashionable it is to use language and foreign influence
  • All language geared towards younger users and more simplified

5. David Crystal use of abbreviations and initialisms in texting

  • Used because it is in fashion
  • Used in order to not waste characters
  • Used because some words are difficult to spell


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