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2. What is 'teacher agency'?

  • The power and influence teachers have over their pupils
  • The recruitment system for teachers
  • Where teachers are deeply influenced by middle class values to form an educational identity

3. What is the definition of 'hidden curriculum'?

  • Planned programme of learning activities and subjects
  • Transmission of acceptable social norms and values, but not openly taught
  • Secret service programme teaching young people to become spies

4. How does 'setting and streaming' affect pupils?

  • Primarily WC pupils are placed in lower streams - hinders confidence, lower aspirations than MC pupils.
  • Pupils are separated from confident social groups - affects their progression

5. What did Fuller say about labelling theory?

  • Negative labelling can have positive response - pupils can work against labels
  • Labelling is always negative and forces most pupils to form deviant subcultures


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