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2. What is not a key feature of the voluntary sector?

  • Part of the independant sector
  • Ran by volunteers
  • Rely on donations
  • Non-profit organisations like charities

3. What is the mixed economy of care?

  • When the sectors combine to provide holistic care
  • When all the sectors combine at once and create one super-sector
  • A legal requirment that states that the sectors must combine in certain situations
  • When certain organisations provide their best effort of one aspect of care and they choose the best quality one for the patient

4. Which one of these can you not use as an example of the voluntary sector because the exam board won't know what it is?

  • Palliatve/end of life care homes
  • St.Rocco's
  • Volunteers
  • Macmillan

5. What is not a key feature of the public sector?

  • Mainly free
  • Delivered by the state
  • Not everyone is entitled
  • Paid for by taxes


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