A1 - Sectors

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1. Which one of these can you not use as an example of the voluntary sector because the exam board won't know what it is?

  • Palliatve/end of life care homes
  • Macmillan
  • St.Rocco's
  • Volunteers
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2. What is not a key feature of the public sector?

  • Not everyone is entitled
  • Delivered by the state
  • Paid for by taxes
  • Mainly free

3. What is not a key feature of the private sector?

  • Is free for the NHS to use some resources
  • Profit driven
  • Part of the independant sector
  • Private businesses

4. What is the mixed economy of care?

  • When certain organisations provide their best effort of one aspect of care and they choose the best quality one for the patient
  • When all the sectors combine at once and create one super-sector
  • When the sectors combine to provide holistic care
  • A legal requirment that states that the sectors must combine in certain situations

5. What is not part of the 4 care sectors?

  • Voluntary
  • Public
  • Informal
  • Personal
  • Private


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