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2. When was 'A View From The Bridge' published?

  • 2000
  • 1955
  • 1901
  • 1864

3. Which quote shows Eddie's disapproval of Catherine and Rodolfo's relationship?

  • 'My B.!'
  • 'He has been unconsciously twisting the newspaper into a tight roll'
  • 'I think it's too short ain't it?'

4. Why does Rodolfo not fit Eddie's idea of 'Manliness'?

  • All of these
  • He is platinum blond
  • He can sing at a very high pitch
  • He buys new clothes with his wages

5. What is a Greek Chorus?

  • Tell the audience what to think
  • All of the these
  • Narrate off-stage happenings
  • Comment on the characters


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