A View From The Bridge

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1. Why does Rodolfo not fit Eddie's idea of 'Manliness'?

  • He buys new clothes with his wages
  • All of these
  • He can sing at a very high pitch
  • He is platinum blond
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2. Who said 'Justly shot by unjust men. Justice is very important here'?

  • Alfieri
  • Eddie
  • Rodolfo
  • Beatrice

3. Who wrote 'A View From The Bridge'?

  • William Shakespeare
  • William Golding
  • Arthur Miller
  • John Steinbeck

4. What is Eddie's fatal flaw?

  • Letting Immigrants into his home
  • Ringing Immigration
  • His love for Catherine
  • Being a longshoreman

5. Who said 'All the law is not in a book'?

  • Roldolfo
  • Marco
  • Eddie
  • Alfieri


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